Artist Student #1: Naoki

It is with great pleasure that we bring you our newest addition to the page: Artist Student Feature! To open this section, we would like you to meet Naoki, a student from the 6th grade who is very fond of drawing, painting and all things related to arts. Even though he is quite young, Naoki shows great ability for arts, being able to convey his ideas and thoughts into beautiful artwork. The boy is going places! Below, check some of his work and a little bit about him.


Naoki started drawing because his mother encouraged him to draw. Even though he is not sure about what his dream is – I mean, he’s still young!, he is pretty sure of his inspirations: anime makers!

IMG_0127He would love to get to meet Fujiko e Fujio because he really enjoys their work. Naoki believes that some people are born with the talent of drawing but he also thinks that it is possible to learn as well. His favorite things to draw are anime characters and he confesses that it takes patience, creativity and good ideas to be able to draw, which he does usually after he’s done studying.


He is also internationally acclaimed because he has already won a competition in Japan with the illustration below!


Work in progress for the competition

Thanks for the interview, Naoki! And may you keep drawing! Check more of his work in the gallery below:


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