Honouring the Wiped Memory of Graffiti in São Paulo

It is a fact that the new mayor of São Paulo, Mr. Dória, has been changing some important aspects of the city. Some of them are definitely for the better. Some others, we all agreed to disagree. Erasing the graffitis was one of the ones we were not so sure. The students all discussed and debated the mayor’s reasons for doing so and we had a very rich and enlightening outcome. The limiar of what’s legal and what’s illegal was very well stablished, but some of the graffiti that were erased was part of São Paulo’s identity as a city.

Where does the limit lie? The students from 7th, 8th and Electives High School came up with different theories, but they all agreed with the one: My limit ends where my neighbour’s limit starts. And that was that.

In order to honour the memory of the graffiti that was wiped out, the students chose one specific wall to pay homage to and designed an illustration inspired by it.

7th Grade:

8th Grade:




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